Is this long term?

When starting or growing a business it’s common to come up against what feels like a wall. You could be strapped for cash… You could be struggling to find the right talent for growth… You could be dealing with branding or perception issues… No matter the wall, it’s important not to change your decision filters. […]

Your environment suits you

The people and things that surround you will shape who you are on a day to day basis. If you want to change something about yourself, one of you first steps should be to change your environment. Want to lose weight? Don’t keep ice cream in your freezer. Want to run when you wake up? […]

Weighing opportunity cost

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of opportunity cost. Most new business owners will try to do as many things themselves as they can, just to save some cash. But what they don’t spend on other people, they waste on themselves. What could you accomplish with an extra 2 hours per day? Could you double […]

Good Leaders Don’t Get Angry

Or at least, they don’t show it. Letting the people you lead know that you are angry or frustrated serves no purpose. It causes those people to think it’s ok to get emotional. We learn by example. It causes those people to get defensive. Crushing lines of communication and ruining workflow. It causes those people […]

Own it

Whatever it is you’re contemplating over the next weeks, months and years of your life: Own it. If you say you’re going to build that ground breaking app or website, own it and get the damn thing launched. If you say you’re going to finally take that vacation across Asia, own it and book the […]

What’s your million dollar idea?

If you haven’t started it by now, it’s probably time to forget about it. You’ve most likely built it up so much in your head that it’s not an idea any more. It’s a dream. And dreams no longer work in real life. Instead, it may be time to start getting things done. To start […]

How Much is a Customer Worth?

By: J R

Your customer has missed an appointment. What do you do? Do you charge them extra for their next appointment? It’s easy to justify this practice by saying, “well, that’s what other businesses do. After all, this customer wasted our time!” But is it worth potentially losing that customer over 50 bucks? What if the customer […]

How Automating Steps Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

By: William Warby

Small changes can make a big impact, and sometimes asking for too much information on your landing page can hurt your overall conversion rate without giving you any benefit. Take this small test I ran last month on a client’s website. The sales team was asking for more information about the leads (specific product interests […]

Are you building active experience?

By: Richard Elzey

I know a lot of people with years of experience in their field. Some of them are no better at their trade however than someone who has been active for just a year or two. The difference? Active experience and learning. If you choose to check out in your job and repeat the same things […]

Run towards something

By: rafael-castillo

You’re busy. You’re stressed out. You’re in a hurry. But what are you running towards? It must be important. But I’m willing to bet that it’s not. I’m willing to bet that you’re running towards something that you’ll never reach. It might be time to regroup. To focus. To block out everything you can and […]