Web Host Speed Test: Rackspace vs. Digital Ocean

By: William Warby

Website load times matter. Not only will they effect how Google ranks your site, but they will also make a difference to your bounce rate and the user experience on your site. Last year I changed a company’s website from Rackspace to Digital ocean and saw an immediate drop in bounce rate of 13%. I […]

Taste, Correct, Taste, Correct

By: Sam Howzit

For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m fanatical about cooking. I like the process. Sometimes even more than eating the food. There are a lot of parallels from cooking to how to create a successful marketing campaign online. One of them is how to season. Most food tastes bland if […]

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

By: Pascal

We’re told from a young age to not go to far. To leave a little bit in reserve left just in case we need it. To only give 90% at the most. Because if you gave 100% then where do you go from there? What if you fail while giving 100%? There’s nothing left. We’re […]

Is This Problem Going To Get Worse?

By: epSos .de

How do you feel when something goes wrong? When someone tells you that your idea isn’t going to work? When you realize that the economy is changing and it’s going to affect your business? Do you remember how that feels? That sickening feeling in your stomach? When it happens we have a tendency to focus […]

What Are Managers For?

By: Marc Johnson

What does a manager do? What is their job? Most managers would have you believe that their job is to make sure that the employees working for them stay in line. To make sure they follow the rules. This of course is a major truckload of cow patties. What a manager’s real job is, what […]

Mise En Place

By: Crystal

In French culinary terms, mise en place means “Put in place”. Essentially you are getting your workspace ready before you start to cook… you’re being prepared. Prepared not just to work, but to solve problems. In cooking, not being prepared can mean that your hollandaise sauce breaks. But in business it can mean the death of […]

Do You KNOW That Your Customers Want That Feature?

By: Waifer X

Gut instinct can be great for a lot of things. It can lead you to some great ideas… It can give you intuition about a business deal… It can get you to ask the right questions… But are you going to use it to try and ANSWER those questions? Are you going to have your […]

A Game of Failures

By: Steve Jurvetson

Tomorrow I’ll be playing my first game of golf of the season. Yes, I live in Canada, but it’s Vancouver… you can golf all year long. I’m looking forward to stepping onto the first tee. Cold crisp air and soft grass. Stretching out stiff winter muscles. And taking the first swing. And making the first […]

3 Brilliant Audio Books For Your Spare Time

By: Abhi Sharma

I’m a big believer in improving myself. That’s why on top of reading books, my phone always has an audio book available to fill some spare time. Like commuting… Or waiting for a bus… Or while cooking dinner… It’s like you’re able to attend a class lecture on virtually any topic, pretty much any time […]