Garbage In, Garbage Out

By: Bart Everson

It’s easy to fall into a trap of speed. Trying to get things done NOW instead of when they are ready. Asap is the enemy of quality. Yes, you need to launch your products on time. Yes, you need to launch them relatively quickly so that you can stay current. I’m not saying you should […]

On Waiting To Get Picked

By: Xiaojun Deng

I have a friend who waits. He waits to be picked at work. Waits to be picked on dates. And he thinks that if he works hard enough and stays out of trouble long enough then someone will reward him. He’s going to be waiting for a LONG time. Leaders don’t wait to be picked. […]

Know Your Shit

By: Wendy Candela

If you want to be a business owner or even a manager, there is no excuse for you to not know the ins and outs of your business. So many times I’ve dealt with business leaders who are shaky on the inner workings of even the people directly beneath them. As an entrepreneur here are […]

Herding Cats & Sales Reps

By: Tomi Tapio K

Getting sales reps to do what is best for the company is sometimes like herding cats. If you yell at a cat and threaten her does she do as you ask? No. She’ll look at you with disdain and most likely turn her back. You can pick her up and force her to do as […]

Conversions Are People Too

Do you look at your stats in the morning satisfied by moderate boosts in conversions from the tests you are running? Do you come up with ideas on how to improve your conversion rates? Copy changes, better testimonials, photo changes etc. These can all make a huge difference. But it’s easy to forget about the […]

Your Product Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

When your product wins, does someone else lose? That shouldn’t be the point. Your product isn’t a zero sum game. When your product wins in the market, your market should also win through it’s use. This means that the transaction is not complete when a sale is made. You are not even. It has just […]

Your Product Is Crap, Not Your Offer

A couple of months ago our office was visited by some servers from a local restaurant. They were giving out free beer coupons for their restaurant. Who says no to free beer? This promotion is a lot like a landing page. They offer something for free, and in turn we give them our attention (by […]

What’s a good landing page conversion rate?

A decent landing page conversion rate is one that was better than last week. There are a ton of questions that people ask before they start designing and writing a landing page, but most of them are pointless. They use these questions to delay the test. To procrastinate. Because if you launch your test, it […]

Daily Goal Setting – The REAL “Secret”

Daily goal setting keeps you focused. It reminds you of what is important, and allows you to reflect on what is important. It cuts through your daily bullshit and keeps things in perspective. It prevents you from losing sight of what you want to accomplish. This is the real “secret”. It’s nothing magical. With daily […]

Most Sites Make This Costly Conversion Testing Mistake

You’ve done your research. You’ve surveyed your customers, poured over your web statistics, searched for optimization opportunities on your website and generated a hypothesis. You have a theory: if you change the angle of your pricing page to be more customer focused you can increase the conversion rate of that page. After all of the […]