Who are you selling to?

I was at a “startup” meetup the other night in Gastown and I met someone who said he was interested in finding funding for his project. I won’t get into the specific details of his project, but after he had been explaining it for about 5 minutes without getting his point across, I asked him: […]

Quit Sending Mixed Messages

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a 4 day restaurant trade show. The show had over 60,000 in attendance and it was really productive, but that’s not the point of this post. For me what is truly amazing about a trip to the windy city is the food. And it didn’t […]

Using Long Custom Fields In Aweber’s API

So far I’ve loved the Aweber API and it’s usefulness in creating various small web apps for clients and for my own projects. One issue that I quickly ran into however for Mantra Bot was trying to add a custom field that was fairly long. I wanted to add functionality for a mantra that was […]

“Repulsion Marketing” is ART

Art is creative and polarizing. So is good marketing. Good art and marketing campaigns will repulse some people and push them away from your brand. But this is a good thing. Apple is a company that many people love and many people hate because they stand for something. If you don’t like what they stand […]