How Automating Steps Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

By: William Warby

Small changes can make a big impact, and sometimes asking for too much information on your landing page can hurt your overall conversion rate without giving you any benefit.

Take this small test I ran last month on a client’s website. The sales team was asking for more information about the leads (specific product interests etc), and one of the ideas was to ask the customer what they were specifically interested in.

Here’s the control:


And here’s the test (the red arrow was not on the actual page, I’ve added it to show you the additional field):


The result? -12% conversion rate on the test.

And the hard part was, there was no increase in lead quality score on the leads received through this test.

But what about the additional info for the sales team?

We’re obviously not going to put up with a 12% drop in conversion rates for this page, but we still have the problem of getting additional information into the sales team’s hands so that they can have better conversations.

Luckily we can do this all in the background without adding additional fields to the form.

For example:

If a visitor lands on a specific product page, that view is recorded in a visitor cookie for later use. If they land on it twice, that is recorded as a multiple hit.

Once we send the lead information off to the sales rep, we can also send them a list of products that the customer was interested in. We can also send them products that have multiple hits which might indicate an even higher level of interest in that product.

All of this happens behind the scenes and won’t affect your landing pages, or your conversion rates.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments below.


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