How do you build a house?

By: LearningLark

How would you go about building yourself a house?

Would you go and sit in the forest and THINK about building it? Would you say to yourself, “maybe if I just focus my attention on a house, the universe will provide one for me”?

Of course not. That’s silly.

Then why do we buy into the idea that business success is all about mindset instead of action?

Sure, you need the right mindset to make your action work more effectively.

But it’s the action that does the work, not the wishing, and certainly not the million-dollar-this-is-it ideas.

Nor do you build a house by starting with the roof. You don’t get to skip the hard work of building a foundation just because you think you can.

The foundation is what makes the house strong.

You build a house from the bottom. Board by board. Nail by nail. Until you reach the point at which you can build the roof.

Focus on the hard work. The work that really matters. And then launch it.

Sure, it might fail. But then you get the opportunity to learn, to adapt and to re-launch.

It’s how great ideas, great careers and great companies are built.


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