On Buttons That Move


If you’ve started testing a call to action that wiggles every few seconds to grab people’s attention, then you’re looking at the problem wrong.

Sure, people’s eyes are attracted to movement, but if you have to use gimmicks to get conversions then your offer probably sucks.

Provide more value, and then tell people about it. No amount of gimmicks, tricks, NLP or javascript can save a bad offer.


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2 Responses to “On Buttons That Move”

  1. Samuel

    I personally haven’t seen the movement of buttons on a webpage.

    So far, social media icons are the only movement I’ve been noticing on a website.

    I agree, they don’t need to be moving. If you offer high quality products, then there is no need.

    – Samuel

    • Eric

      Thanks for your comment Samuel. I see a LOT of landing pages and not a lot of them have it. But it’s funny how the landing pages that use gimmicks always have crap offers.


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