Here, I made this: WordPress Popup Surveys

Collecting feedback from your website visitors can be an incredible asset to your blog or business website. It allows you to find out what your ACTUAL visitors are thinking, instead of waiting for them to send you emails – or worse, just guessing. There are a number of tools available that allow you to collect […]

Why I’m not freaking out about Aweber going down

By: John Fischer is down right now, apparently because of a DDOS attack. @Siddic123 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are experiencing a DDOS situation. We don’t have an estimate yet on the fix. ^BO — AWeber (@aweber) February 24, 2014 This can have a huge impact on your online business if you use them for […]

Most Sites Make This Costly Conversion Testing Mistake

You’ve done your research. You’ve surveyed your customers, poured over your web statistics, searched for optimization opportunities on your website and generated a hypothesis. You have a theory: if you change the angle of your pricing page to be more customer focused you can increase the conversion rate of that page. After all of the […]

Using Long Custom Fields In Aweber’s API

So far I’ve loved the Aweber API and it’s usefulness in creating various small web apps for clients and for my own projects. One issue that I quickly ran into however for Mantra Bot was trying to add a custom field that was fairly long. I wanted to add functionality for a mantra that was […]