It’s just as easy to not be a sleaze ball

Building a business is difficult. Even when it’s a get rich “quick” scheme, or a “make so much money you’re going to need a dump truck for all of the cash” scheme. I started in digital marketing working for a company that sold e-books that teach people how to sell e-books. Sounds silly doesn’t it. […]

Someone will always miss the point

No matter what you do, what content you write, what action you take, what position you take, what battle you fight… … someone will always miss the point. Just look at the comment section of any controversial piece of content – someone will undoubtedly be ranting about grammar, about semantics, about some entirely different topic […]

My New Project: Easy Website Surveys With MARE.io

My latest project started as a simple WordPress plugin. I loved the idea of collecting real-time user feedback from visitors and users of websites. Really getting to know my visitors. This feedback could give me insights into what my visitors were thinking, with a high amount of context (I could ask questions about specific pages). […]

Active Work

old tools

When you wake up in the morning, do you choose to brush your teeth? Do you choose to eat something ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ for breakfast? Do you choose what route you take to work? Do you choose to go to work? Probably not. In fact, many of the things we do on a daily basis […]

Keep it simple… stupid

By: Oliver Stross

It’s Valentines day. Are you KISSing your products? Are you KISSing your landing pages? Are you KISSing your staff? I don’t mean literally of course. I mean are you keeping things simple, or are you trying to add complexity? Anyone can create something that is complicated. It’s easy to just add more shit to solve […]