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Using the Firefox Reader View to Improve Your Landing Pages

The Firefox web browser just came out with some updates which include a new feature called “Reader View.” It’s a new button that’s located on the right side of the address bar: The button essentially removes all distractions on a web page, and leaves only the text. What Firefox probably didn’t intend, is that this […]

How Automating Steps Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

By: William Warby

Small changes can make a big impact, and sometimes asking for too much information on your landing page can hurt your overall conversion rate without giving you any benefit. Take this small test I ran last month on a client’s website. The sales team was asking for more information about the leads (specific product interests […]

Why I’m not freaking out about Aweber going down

By: John Fischer is down right now, apparently because of a DDOS attack. @Siddic123 We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We are experiencing a DDOS situation. We don’t have an estimate yet on the fix. ^BO — AWeber (@aweber) February 24, 2014 This can have a huge impact on your online business if you use them for […]

Most Sites Make This Costly Conversion Testing Mistake

You’ve done your research. You’ve surveyed your customers, poured over your web statistics, searched for optimization opportunities on your website and generated a hypothesis. You have a theory: if you change the angle of your pricing page to be more customer focused you can increase the conversion rate of that page. After all of the […]

Landing Page Critique: Optimizely

I love doing landing page critiques. It keeps me sharp to delve into a landing page that is outside of my normal industry and explore how I could make it better. Plus it helps that there are a lot of landing pages online that need a lot of help. This time I wanted to take […]

How’s landing page fails and how they can fix it is a clothing store. Or at least that’s what I think they do, it’s pretty hard to tell based on their landing page. Let’s tear it apart: Fail #1: Landing page relevance Let’s look at the obvious; landing page relevance. I got to this page through a PPC ad. The ad told me that […]

Who are you selling to?

I was at a “startup” meetup the other night in Gastown and I met someone who said he was interested in finding funding for his project. I won’t get into the specific details of his project, but after he had been explaining it for about 5 minutes without getting his point across, I asked him: […]