Why Online “Reputation” Management Companies are Bullshit


Online reputation management. It’s a concept that’s pretty silly to me. At least in the way that many companies choose to sell it. I recently was speaking with a colleague about a new venture they were entering into whereby they would perform a type of “reverse SEO” on search results that their clients found undesirable. […]

Landing Page Critique: Optimizely

I love doing landing page critiques. It keeps me sharp to delve into a landing page that is outside of my normal industry and explore how I could make it better. Plus it helps that there are a lot of landing pages online that need a lot of help. This time I wanted to take […]

“Repulsion Marketing” is ART

Art is creative and polarizing. So is good marketing. Good art and marketing campaigns will repulse some people and push them away from your brand. But this is a good thing. Apple is a company that many people love and many people hate because they stand for something. If you don’t like what they stand […]