Because that’s what people do…

By: Steven Depolo

I was asked recently if it was customary to respond to a twitter follow by following that person back. My answer was no. But the question has stayed with me. Mostly because it’s looking at the problem the wrong way. Do you take action in your business because it’s customary? Because that’s what other companies […]

Build A List Or Die

So many lost opportunities. Companies work so hard for traffic. SEO, PPC, Inbound marketing, Infographics, RSS feeds. The list goes on and on. But of all the noise around getting eyeballs on your website, very few companies effectively build a list of leads that they can continually market to after the fact. With attention spans […]


I’ve had my hand in the affiliate marketing industry for a while now and I have mixed feelings. That is a story for another post, but one thing I’ve always noticed with new folks who come into “internet marketing” is that they love the idea of affiliate marketing. I mean, it sounds like a perfect […]

How To Improve Overall Trust In Your Products

Trust is a funny thing. It can take a long time to build up, and be destroyed in an instant. Marketing campaigns, community outreach, company policies, customer service, these things are all meant to build trust with the public for a company. Many large companies have huge budgets for the simple purpose of building trust […]

Landing Page Critique: Optimizely

I love doing landing page critiques. It keeps me sharp to delve into a landing page that is outside of my normal industry and explore how I could make it better. Plus it helps that there are a lot of landing pages online that need a lot of help. This time I wanted to take […]

How To Track Telephone Sales In Google Analytics

It’s all fun and games until you go offline. As a digital marketer my job is made a lot easier by data. I’m able to delve deep into stats on user behavior that were a lot more difficult to get 20 years ago. This information gives me a lot of insight into the minds of […]

Who are you selling to?

I was at a “startup” meetup the other night in Gastown and I met someone who said he was interested in finding funding for his project. I won’t get into the specific details of his project, but after he had been explaining it for about 5 minutes without getting his point across, I asked him: […]

Quit Sending Mixed Messages

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a 4 day restaurant trade show. The show had over 60,000 in attendance and it was really productive, but that’s not the point of this post. For me what is truly amazing about a trip to the windy city is the food. And it didn’t […]