Thought of the day

It’s just as easy to not be a sleaze ball

Building a business is difficult. Even when it’s a get rich “quick” scheme, or a “make so much money you’re going to need a dump truck for all of the cash” scheme. I started in digital marketing working for a company that sold e-books that teach people how to sell e-books. Sounds silly doesn’t it. […]

Someone will always miss the point

No matter what you do, what content you write, what action you take, what position you take, what battle you fight… … someone will always miss the point. Just look at the comment section of any controversial piece of content – someone will undoubtedly be ranting about grammar, about semantics, about some entirely different topic […]

You are a fraud

There. I said it. Isn’t that what you’ve been waiting to hear? Isn’t that what the voice in your head has been yelling in your ear every time you hit publish, send or step out on stage? Well, it’s true. To someone, somewhere, you are a fraud. Get over it. Now can we move on […]

The foundation of everything

Habits are the foundation for everything. How do you get fit? A little at a time… Consistently. How do you learn to play music? A little at a time… Consistently. How do you build a profitable venture? A little at a time… Consistently. How do you maintain culture and communication within your team? A little […]

Ideas are NOT a zero sum game

Ideas are everywhere, and they don’t belong to you. If you have a new idea, chances are that someone else has already thought of it. But just because an idea is not 100% original, doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing. Ideas need execution. They need someone to take them and run with them. They need […]

What’s most valuable to you?

Think about this for a moment. What is the most valuable thing you have? Is it a car? A house? A company? Or is it something else? To me, the most valuable thing you can have is time. Time to do more. Time to experience more. And it’s the only thing that you can’t earn […]

I dare you


I dare you to write like you mean it I dare you to scare the shit out of yourself I dare you to send a message I dare you to be remembered vividly I dare you to seek out discomfort I dare you to not just learn something new, but to master it I dare […]

Cutting in Line

window patter

When someone cuts you off in traffic, it’s offensive. It’s offensive because they’ve broken the rules in order to get ahead of us. It creates tension because it feels like they’re taking advantage. After all, we are following the rules… When someone makes a lot of money by taking advantage of the system, it’s frustrating. […]

Active Work

old tools

When you wake up in the morning, do you choose to brush your teeth? Do you choose to eat something ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ for breakfast? Do you choose what route you take to work? Do you choose to go to work? Probably not. In fact, many of the things we do on a daily basis […]