Thought of the day

What’s your million dollar idea?

If you haven’t started it by now, it’s probably time to forget about it. You’ve most likely built it up so much in your head that it’s not an idea any more. It’s a dream. And dreams no longer work in real life. Instead, it may be time to start getting things done. To start […]

How Much is a Customer Worth?

By: J R

Your customer has missed an appointment. What do you do? Do you charge them extra for their next appointment? It’s easy to justify this practice by saying, “well, that’s what other businesses do. After all, this customer wasted our time!” But is it worth potentially losing that customer over 50 bucks? What if the customer […]

Are you building active experience?

By: Richard Elzey

I know a lot of people with years of experience in their field. Some of them are no better at their trade however than someone who has been active for just a year or two. The difference? Active experience and learning. If you choose to check out in your job and repeat the same things […]

Run towards something

By: rafael-castillo

You’re busy. You’re stressed out. You’re in a hurry. But what are you running towards? It must be important. But I’m willing to bet that it’s not. I’m willing to bet that you’re running towards something that you’ll never reach. It might be time to regroup. To focus. To block out everything you can and […]

On Buttons That Move


If you’ve started testing a call to action that wiggles every few seconds to grab people’s attention, then you’re looking at the problem wrong. Sure, people’s eyes are attracted to movement, but if you have to use gimmicks to get conversions then your offer probably sucks. Provide more value, and then tell people about it. […]

Reaching Perfection

By: Wapster

The amount of effort that it takes to reach a passable grade is small. If you were to say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, it would only take 1000 hours to be decent at it. After those 1000 hours people will probably notice your new skill. They’ll say “Wow, […]


By: MilitaryHealth

If you want to lose weight, you can’t do so quickly. It doesn’t matter if you train super hard for 24 hour straight, you will not see results (in fact, you might die). Results come from doing steady work, week after week, over time. The same goes for playing guitar. Even if you practice for […]

You’re looking at the problem wrong

By: epSos .de

Let’s talk more about problem solving. The reason that effective problem solving is so difficult, is that we’re trained to focus on the immediate problem instead of looking at the bigger picture. Let’s take a look at this problem: A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1 more than the […]

Where are the problem solvers?


One of the biggest things I look for when hiring new people is problem solving skills. If you’re highly skilled in your field but you don’t know how to solve problems, what good are you to my team? I can teach most competent people to follow a map. That’s not difficult. But solving problems creatively, […]

How do you build a house?

By: LearningLark

How would you go about building yourself a house? Would you go and sit in the forest and THINK about building it? Would you say to yourself, “maybe if I just focus my attention on a house, the universe will provide one for me”? Of course not. That’s silly. Then why do we buy into […]