Web Design

Here, I made this: WordPress Popup Surveys

Collecting feedback from your website visitors can be an incredible asset to your blog or business website. It allows you to find out what your ACTUAL visitors are thinking, instead of waiting for them to send you emails – or worse, just guessing. There are a number of tools available that allow you to collect […]

Web Host Speed Test: Rackspace vs. Digital Ocean

By: William Warby

Website load times matter. Not only will they effect how Google ranks your site, but they will also make a difference to your bounce rate and the user experience on your site. Last year I changed a company’s website from Rackspace to Digital ocean and saw an immediate drop in bounce rate of 13%. I […]

Your “Social Proof” Is Killing Your Credibility – Stop It!

So you’re building out your website, you’ve paid for a designer, you’ve written the content and things are looking good. You also want to include some “social proof” on your website to show to the world that other people have used your service and that they liked it. Testimonials and even social media factors (Facebook […]