Daily Goal Setting – The REAL “Secret”

Daily goal setting keeps you focused. It reminds you of what is important, and allows you to reflect on what is important. It cuts through your daily bullshit and keeps things in perspective. It prevents you from losing sight of what you want to accomplish. This is the real “secret”. It’s nothing magical. With daily […]

Institutionalized Workers

Workers (like prisoners) can become institutionalized. When a worker is exposed to an environment where every decision is made for them, you end up with employees that don’t think for themselves. Micro-management, strict policy and aggressive bosses all contribute to this culture. It’s fine if you want to dictate every move that your employees make. […]

No One Cares About Your Jargon

Are you one of those people who fills their emails with words that make your point seem more sophisticated? Don’t. You’re wasting my time by saying something in 6 sentences that could easily be said in 1. And your excess words aren’t fooling anyone. You may think that you’re sounding more “professional” and I guess […]

On hiring to break new ground

When you’re hiring a new employee what are you really looking for? Someone who obeys the rules? Someone who shows up on time and does what their told? If your company manufactures nuts and bolts then this might be the perfect fit. But if your company is one that is trying to break new ground, […]