Do You KNOW That Your Customers Want That Feature?

By: Waifer X

Gut instinct can be great for a lot of things.

It can lead you to some great ideas…

It can give you intuition about a business deal…

It can get you to ask the right questions…

But are you going to use it to try and ANSWER those questions? Are you going to have your gut create products, develop features and write website copy?

Hell no… or at least you shouldn’t.

The trouble with gut instinct is that it serves you based on your experience. Your OWN experience.

Which most likely is very different than your customer base.

The only way to know for sure which landing page technique will work for you business…

Or which feature to add next to your products…

Is to test. Test like hell and don’t stop testing until you have enough data to make an informed decision.

That is how successful start ups build products. That is how successful digital marketing campaigns are created.

Not some guru’s best practices results.

And not from your gut.

Real. Live. Data.


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