Cutting in Line

When someone cuts you off in traffic, it’s offensive.

It’s offensive because they’ve broken the rules in order to get ahead of us. It creates tension because it feels like they’re taking advantage. After all, we are following the rules…

When someone makes a lot of money by taking advantage of the system, it’s frustrating.

It’s frustrating because they’ve broken the rules in order to get ahead of us. They’re taking advantage in ways that we are not willing to.

These types of black and white rules work in a world where all the cars need to go in the same direction without hitting each other. Or when we want to control our economy and prevent shady business practices.

However in the world of connectivity and social networks and hyper speed, the rules of order don’t work anymore.

Those same rules that keep cars on the road and keep people paying their taxes become a burden.

Because if you repeat something online that has already been done before. If you simply follow the “rules.” Then it probably won’t work.

No, this new world asks that you break the rules. That you stretch yourself beyond where you might feel comfortable.

And that, is why it’s exciting.

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