Daily Goal Setting – The REAL “Secret”

Daily goal setting keeps you focused.

It reminds you of what is important, and allows you to reflect on what is important.

It cuts through your daily bullshit and keeps things in perspective.

It prevents you from losing sight of what you want to accomplish.

This is the real “secret”.

It’s nothing magical. With daily goal setting every decision you make throughout the day starts to go through a “filter” in your mind which aligns with your goals. This brings real change to your life by ensuring that you stay on point and in harmony with your goals. Things brings more of what you want into your life. Not by some mystical force of the universe, but simply because you are making decisions based on your goals. You are noticing the opportunities that align with what you want. And this allows you to take advantage of those opportunities.

I’ve read “The Secret” and it’s garbage. Don’t buy your dreams, take control of them.

  1. Figure out a goal.
  2. Write it down every morning.
  3. Take action.
  4. Prosper.
  5. Repeat.


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