Extremely Urgent: How You Can Use The VIP Treatment To Win Over Visitors

Have you ever received a package via Fedex Express? Did you notice the packaging?

The package says “Extremely Urgent” in red letters right under their logo.

I’m sure that some Fedex packages are in fact extremely urgent, was yours? I’m willing to bet that most likely it was a shirt from Amazon or a trinket from eBay instead of a life altering “urgent” package.

Does the package arrive faster when it says “Extremely Urgent” on it? Of course not. Fedex scans each package and it is routed according to the price you paid for the package. The delivery driver is not driving any faster because your package says that it’s urgent.

But you feel better when you receive it.

And that’s the point. You already receive a small burst of endorphins when you receive mail, but when you get a piece of mail that says “Extremely Urgent” on the package you feel that much better. You feel like you’re important.

You can use this same technique with your online campaigns.

Think about how you can add a VIP experience to your own products or services. Can you slip in a signed (yes, a real signature) welcome sheet in with every product you ship? How can you label your products to make them appear more important? Can you list them as “confidential”? “Important”? or special in some way?

Make your customers feel important to your company and you will build a tribe of followers that are stronger and more effective than any marketing campaign that you can devise.

The flip side of this

Be careful with this to make sure it comes off as genuine. Customers can smell a thin offer a mile away and if you take this too far you will lose your audience.

It’s about making a connection and improving the experience, not hyping your products past where they can go.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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