Using the Firefox Reader View to Improve Your Landing Pages

The Firefox web browser just came out with some updates which include a new feature called “Reader View.”

It’s a new button that’s located on the right side of the address bar:


The button essentially removes all distractions on a web page, and leaves only the text.

What Firefox probably didn’t intend, is that this is a great tool for evaluating website landing page copy.

By looking your landing pages as only text, you can evaluate the copy without the distractions of images or design.

Take a look at how the Firefox Reader View changed the look of one of our product pages:

This is the page as it is:

urban cultivator commercial page

Now take a look at how the same page appears in the Firefox Reader View:

commercial page - only text

As you read over the text on your landing page, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the copy still make sense?
  • Does the copy on this page flow well?
  • Does the copy answer questions that arise in your potential client’s mind?
  • Does the copy stand on it’s own?

The Firefox Reader View doesn’t work on all pages, but I found that it functions quite well with a number of the landing pages that we run, and it’s already allowed me to spot some opportunities for improvement in our copy.

Time to start improving!

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