A Game of Failures

By: Steve Jurvetson

Tomorrow I’ll be playing my first game of golf of the season. Yes, I live in Canada, but it’s Vancouver… you can golf all year long.

I’m looking forward to stepping onto the first tee.

Cold crisp air and soft grass.

Stretching out stiff winter muscles.

And taking the first swing.

And making the first failure.

Golf is a game of failures

You can’t play a perfect game of golf. No one can. Every shot is an attempt at perfection.

Send the ball to where you want it.

But it doesn’t work out that way. You make mistakes. You will undoubtedly fail at putting the ball exactly where you want it.

So what do you do?

Do you walk away from the game and say fuck it?

No. You take your next shot. You make corrections. Over and over again until the game is done.

And that’s what makes it fun: the challenge of trying to get better… of eliminating as many failures as possible.

Golf wouldn’t be fun if you just picked up the ball and placed it in the hole. Though that would be a perfect outcome.

Then why do we not feel the same way about life?

Fear of failure is a powerful emotion. It keeps a lot of people away from chasing what they truly want out of life.

But what would really happen if you failed?

Would your world end?

Would you walk off the course and say fuck it?

You could. But you could also make corrections and take another shot.

And another… and another… until you get better – and the failures start to decrease.

Your business…

Your marketing…

Your life…

…can be a game just like golf. A challenge. One not to be feared, but to be enjoyed. To be sought after.

If you choose to try new things and you will fail.

Make corrections and take your next shot.

Have a good weekend!


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