Garbage In, Garbage Out

By: Bart Everson

It’s easy to fall into a trap of speed. Trying to get things done NOW instead of when they are ready.

Asap is the enemy of quality.

Yes, you need to launch your products on time. Yes, you need to launch them relatively quickly so that you can stay current.

I’m not saying you should wait until things are perfect, because you’ll never get there, but sacrificing quality for speed can have disastrous results.

For example:

Let’s say you’re building a new digital ad campaign. You’ve put in time to create a beautiful landing page, you have an excellent sales funnel, and your sales staff is trained and ready to go.

Your boss says “Let’s get this campaign up ASAP”.

You don’t have time to find the best traffic sources and to design ads that are relevant to this new campaign – things that are equally as important to success as the landing pages.

You end up launching with old ads on old traffic sources: introducing garbage to the cycle.

It doesn’t matter how well you created your landing page and your sales funnel, if you put garbage traffic into your campaign, your going to get garbage leads and garbage sales.

Your campaign is dead before it has even started.

Another example:

You know you have a crappy manager working for your company, but letting them go and finding someone to replace them could be too costly this quarter.

You hold on to them because you need the work done.

But this garbage manager creates a garbage work environment.

The garbage work environment lowers the morale of the employees working under them.

And the low morale produces garbage work.

You end up with garbage sales figures.

But isn’t this obvious?

You may be thinking at this point that this concept is obvious.

But It’s difficult to remove yourself enough from your project or your company to see what is really going on.

And to eliminate the garbage.

So how do you fix it?

Focus on quality.

Every decision you make should go through a filter of quality.

Will this manager produce a higher quality staff?

Will this traffic source produce quality traffic?

Will this banner ad attract quality visitors?

Will this landing page produce quality leads?

Only when you focus on quality do you stand a chance of building great campaigns.

Or great companies.


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