How’s landing page fails and how they can fix it is a clothing store.

Or at least that’s what I think they do, it’s pretty hard to tell based on their landing page. Let’s tear it apart:


Fail #1: Landing page relevance

Let’s look at the obvious; landing page relevance. I got to this page through a PPC ad. The ad told me that I could get up to 60% off of designer brands.

But now that I’ve hit the landing page there is no mention of this. In fact, there really isn’t any mention of what I can do on at all aside from the fact that they ship to Canada and that I can sign in to “Shop Now”.

This is easily fixed with a proper headline and some supporting copy. The light box is not a bad idea, but I need a reason to “Shop Now”.

Fail #2: Call to what? Call to action

Take a look at the Call to action on this page: “Shop Now”. Why is that enticing to me? It isn’t.

If their PPC ad says that I can save up to 60% off of designer brands, why not put that in your call to action?

Example: “Shop and start saving on designer brands”

Much more clear and tells me what I will be getting as a result of my sign up.

Fail #3: Nothing to look at

Half of the real estate for selling me on signing up to is used to tell me that they ship to Canada. Say what?

I just hit your website. I’m not sold on even signing up, let alone purchasing from your site. Where you ship is not a thought that is going through my head at this point.

If I was paying good money for every click I would be using every inch of my available space to sell them on signing up. Also, why is the shipping price listed in US dollars??

Also, why can’t I see the site? There is no way to exit the light box. Yes, you want to limit leaks on your paid search landing pages, but limiting leaks and annoying visitors are two different things. The light box seems like an afterthought instead of a conversion tactic.

Fail #4: Terrible headline

I already touch on this, but the headline is just SO bad that it needs mentioning again. What does “Shop Gilt” mean to someone who doesn’t know what Gilt is?

Tell me what I can do on the site:

“Save up to 60% on Women’s designer brands”
Sign up below to get exclusive access to

See how easy that was? After reading that headline I instantly know that I can save money on Women’s designer brands and that I have to sign up to get access.


Conversion takes thought and planning. Remember, you are not selling to the staff in your office, you are selling to people who may not have ever heard of your brand before. With a few quick changes to their funnel would be able to increase conversions and ultimately increase their overall revenue.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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