Good Leaders Don’t Get Angry

Or at least, they don’t show it.

Letting the people you lead know that you are angry or frustrated serves no purpose.

It causes those people to think it’s ok to get emotional. We learn by example.

It causes those people to get defensive. Crushing lines of communication and ruining workflow.

It causes those people to resent your role as their leader.

And probably the most damaging of all…

It causes those people to think that you don’t have control.

Because if you were really in control, you wouldn’t be frustrated.


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2 Responses to “Good Leaders Don’t Get Angry”

  1. Rich

    Hi Eric,

    While I agree with much of what you say on your site, I am afraid I disagree with this post.

    A good leader is passionate about what they do. Where there is passion there is emotion. Anger is a perfectly normal emotion to feel occasionally, as is happiness, sadness, stress and so on.

    Leaders aren’t robots, they are human beings who feel emotions. And no person should be afraid to show their feelings – it is detrimental to bottle them up or try to ignore them.

    There is nothing wrong with showing anger, or any emotion, so long as it’s part of a balanced approach.


  2. Eric

    Hi Rich, thanks for your feedback.

    I completely agree that good leaders need passion, and that passion will lead to emotion.

    The problem comes from openly expressing that anger to your staff. If you had a staff member that was angry and expressing it to your team, what is the result? Increased stress and anxiety among your other staff members.

    An angry leader will not only create stress and anxiety, but insecurity as well.

    The role of the leader is to provide an environment that lets your staff do the best work possible. Creating an environment full of insecurities and anxiety is contrary to that goal, and doesn’t foster a good team environment.

    So yes, anger will be felt by passionate leaders, but to allow yourself to express that anger in your work environment is selfish on behalf of the leader because it doesn’t serve any positive goal.



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