How To Improve Overall Trust In Your Products

Trust is a funny thing. It can take a long time to build up, and be destroyed in an instant.

Marketing campaigns, community outreach, company policies, customer service, these things are all meant to build trust with the public for a company. Many large companies have huge budgets for the simple purpose of building trust and maintaining trust with the public.

But what do you do if you aren’t a large company with a huge budget?

You need a plan.

And it starts with taking a look at your company and the many ways that it interacts with your customers AND potential customers.

Building Your Plan

Start by figuring out every contact point that your company has with both customers and leads.

On the web, this list may include:

  • Your Website
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Thank you emails
  • Thank you pages after a lead has signed up
  • Your customer service department
  • Your customer service AUTO RESPONDER
  • Your sales team
  • The follow-up team
  • Your product itself
  • Privacy Policy
  • User Manual

Think about how each of these items will speak to your customers. Do they align with your business goals? Do they align with your company culture? To they inspire trust?

Think about your product and how it looks when someone receives it. Whether it’s a digital product or a physical one, is the experience aligned with everything else about your company? Does the personality of your company translate into your product’s packaging?

How can you improve this interaction? How can you improve that “warm and fuzzy” feeling about your company that your customer gets when they love and trust you?

Ideas To Improve Your Contacts

They key is to take every opportunity you have to make an impression. Many customers will not read each email you send out, or every instruction that they need to follow. You never know which part of your company is going to stand out in a customer’s mind, so make sure that every contact point between your company and the customer is a pleasant one.

Don’t just have your copywriter focus on the sales and thank you pages. What about the manual? Add some personality to it.

What about your email newsletter confirmation email? Those things are usually boring as hell.

What is the experience like when someone submits a support ticket? Do they get 2 or 3 emails stating that it has been received? Do they have to jump through additional hoops to get an answer? Do they get told to call a different department? Maybe you can include common answers to questions on the confirmation email. Or spice it up with some well written copy and a brief mention of the amazing support team that will be answering their question.

How can you improve the feeling of buying the product? Does your product reinforce the idea that the customer has made the right choice by purchasing your product? Or are they filled with instant buyers regret?

Welcome them into the tribe that your company has created. Make sure they know that your customers are a community of like minded people and they have joined the community with their purchase. Provide support and community links to promote interaction and provide regular content not just to potential customers, but to existing ones.

Bottom Line

By improving the quality of every contact point you have with a customer or potential you slowly build more and more trust. Trust that you can use to strengthen your tribe and to make more sales.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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