It’s just as easy to not be a sleaze ball

Building a business is difficult.

Even when it’s a get rich “quick” scheme, or a “make so much money you’re going to need a dump truck for all of the cash” scheme.

I started in digital marketing working for a company that sold e-books that teach people how to sell e-books.

Sounds silly doesn’t it.

But it’s a huge industry…

… and a pretty shitty one.

After all, you’re not selling the content of the e-book. You’re selling the dream of a future. The dream of a better life. One that’s easy, and full of umbrella drinks, beaches, women and fast cars.

True, some of the companies selling information products do it well. And some even provide value.

But most just sell dreams and bullshit.

That have no real value to give aside from the rehashed bullshit that they learned from some other no-value e-book or course.

The sad part is this.

Creating a business selling fluff is just as difficult as creating a business that sells something valuable.

Take all of the effort you put into building landing pages, creating content, and writing guest posts for your lame e-book, and put that into a real, sustainable, valuable product.

See what happens.

You might actually change someone’s world for the better. You might actually create a business that’s worth working for. You might actually build a business that lasts longer than your PPC campaigns, or even, spreads by word of mouth.

But regardless of what happens, you’ll be doing something worth doing.

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