Leave “Best Practices” Behind and Start Working Consciously

Are you a conscious worker or a passive worker?

Do you actively seek to improve your work? Do you wait for answers before moving forward? Or do you push, and keep pushing until you break through and solve problems?

Showing up on time to work is a passive trait. You are allowing your day to be dictated to you. I’m not saying you should start showing up late, but what would happen if you showed up early? That’s something you can CHOOSE.

You don’t have to take on extra projects and help to improve others work, but you can CHOOSE to do so, which will ultimately improve your own work.

Most workers CHOOSE not to choose. They decide that the CHOOSING should be someone else’s job, and not theirs. They think that if someone has told them to do something, then all of the blame lies with them. They get off scott free.

This happens in marketing all the time. “Best Practices” is an easy way to avoid hard decisions. It makes it easy to move forward with a campaign even though it may not be the most beneficial to the company. After all, if it doesn’t work, who’s to blame? Everyone else does it that way.

Designing a landing page based on best practices is another passive trait. It avoids the blame if something goes wrong. Sure you might see some modest improvements in your conversion rates, but you’ll never see huge wins.

Hippos LOVE best practices because they are safe.

GOOD marketing doesn’t work that way.

Good marketing leaves “best practices” behind and takes a chance. It chooses to be different, and it causes way more connection with your audience as a result. But it’s not easy to do.

It’s not easy because choosing and committing are the hardest part.

Nothing worth doing has ever been easy.

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