Is this long term?

When starting or growing a business it’s common to come up against what feels like a wall.

You could be strapped for cash…

You could be struggling to find the right talent for growth…

You could be dealing with branding or perception issues…

No matter the wall, it’s important not to change your decision filters. That is to say, it’s important not to make decisions based on a short term problem.

If you’re strapped for cash you can’t neglect your staff to save a few dollars… you’ll soon end up with disgruntled staff (or worse, none at all).

If you’re struggling to find the right talent you can’t just hire a warm body to fill the seat… you’ll end up with a poor product, a poor brand, a poor company.

If you’re dealing with a perception issue you can’t simply lie to cover it up… you will be found out, and that’s much much worse.

Instead, create a plan to work through the issues while staying true to your company’s core.

Thing long term and don’t panic. Sometimes the best way out is through.

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