What Are Managers For?

By: Marc Johnson

What does a manager do? What is their job?

Most managers would have you believe that their job is to make sure that the employees working for them stay in line.

To make sure they follow the rules.

This of course is a major truckload of cow patties.

What a manager’s real job is, what she is really supposed to be focusing on, is to help her employees do better work.

That’s it.

Empower, liberate, teach, inspire and embolden your employees instead of getting them to follow your so called road map.

Your employees aren’t tools to do your bidding (unless they are factory workers on an assembly line). They are contributors to the greater good of your company.

Tell them the destination, and then use your experience to guide them down a fruitful path.

But don’t force them to walk in your footprints.


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