No One Cares About Your Jargon

Are you one of those people who fills their emails with words that make your point seem more sophisticated?


You’re wasting my time by saying something in 6 sentences that could easily be said in 1. And your excess words aren’t fooling anyone.

You may think that you’re sounding more “professional” and I guess to some, you may be right. After all, if you are writing your long and drawn out emails to another who does the same thing, maybe they think you’re smart.

Who cares.

Get your point across quickly. Send emails that connect by writing the way that you talk. Be an anti-professional. The people you work with will appreciate it.

Do you really think that very successful people talk that way? They don’t. They are to the point. Every busy, successful man or woman that I have dealt with replies to emails with one or two sentences that get their point across quickly. They don’t have time to be writing out emails that are full of fluff.

The only people who write really long emails with extra words and sentences are people who like to fill their time with busy work. Busy work is the work that you do because you think that you have to. Busy work is constantly checking your web stats or tweets, replying to Facebook comments the minute that you see them, or reading over every email 5 times to make sure it’s “professional” enough.

How to get out of this habit

Getting out of this habit of jargon filled, wasteful emails is easy however. Focus on getting things completed. Complete your projects, complete your sale, complete your emails.

Let me know your thoughts below.


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