Where are the problem solvers?

By: http://maps.bpl.org

One of the biggest things I look for when hiring new people is problem solving skills.

If you’re highly skilled in your field but you don’t know how to solve problems, what good are you to my team?

I can teach most competent people to follow a map. That’s not difficult.

But solving problems creatively, that has value.

This is why so many companies have mediocre marketing. Marketing that fades into the background. Into the static.

The marketers working for them don’t solve marketing problems, they try to apply their map to the problem and hope that it works.

Most times it doesn’t.

Instead of reading all you can about how others have solved similar problems in the past, maybe we should focus on coming up with a new solution. Coming up with something bold. Something that others haven’t tried because they’re too scared.

And then test the hell out of it.

It might not work, but I’m sure it won’t be mediocre.


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