Is This Problem Going To Get Worse?

By: epSos .de

How do you feel when something goes wrong? When someone tells you that your idea isn’t going to work? When you realize that the economy is changing and it’s going to affect your business?

Do you remember how that feels? That sickening feeling in your stomach?

When it happens we have a tendency to focus on the problem. To consume ourselves with what is right in front of us…

How do I fix this problem?

How can I make this horrible feeling go away?

But is that really going to serve us?


A more objective approach is needed. Ask yourself, when is this situation going to get worse? How much time do I have before I MUST make a decision?

You probably have more time than your fear would have you believe – that’s the trouble with fear… it pushes us to act. To get away from the danger. To save ourselves.

But if the situation is not going to get worse for another few days, it’s probably a good idea to thoroughly dissect the problem. Weighing each of your options carefully.

That way when the time comes that you need to act, you are prepared to make an educated decision.

Not a hasty reactionary one.


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