Your Product Is Crap, Not Your Offer

A couple of months ago our office was visited by some servers from a local restaurant. They were giving out free beer coupons for their restaurant.

Who says no to free beer?

This promotion is a lot like a landing page. They offer something for free, and in turn we give them our attention (by visiting their restaurant).

Anyways, a group of 10 of us went down to the restaurant a week later for some drinks and a bit of food.

We had fun and all, but the trouble was, the restaurant sucked. It had drab decor and boring servers. Basically, the restaurant could have been any restaurant in North America… very unremarkable.

We haven’t been back since.

Here’s the point:

If your offer doesn’t resonate, no amount of promotion or free giveaways is going to boost your sales. This is because you haven’t fixed the problem: Your product.

Sure you can see more traffic with a great promotion, but all you are doing is increasing the flow at the top of your funnel. The way to fix a broken funnel is not to pour more water into it.

Build a better product and your promotions will have more impact. And in turn, your landing pages will perform like crazy.


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