Apps / Tools / Code

MARE Website Surveys

This is my latest huge (and I mean huge) project. MARE is software that you can install on your website to ask visitors questions using micro-surveys. These surveys are quick and easy to deploy, and provide a lot of great feedback directly from your visitors and users.

Landing Page Rockstar

Landing Page Rockstar is a free landing page plugin for WordPress that let’s you build templated landing pages from within your WordPress installation. It allows a user to add any type of web form to their landing page using a form parser to retain CSS styles for almost any form imaginable.

Free Comparison Chart Generator

This is a quick tool that I created as a personal project and is hosted here on my blog. The tool lets you build comparison charts for any website quickly and easily with images, headings and multiple templates to choose from. It’s generated quite a bit of interest and will most likely be turned into a WordPress plugin in the future.

Gruuvy.js – a ‘vanilla’ Javascript plugin for animations and easing

Gruuvy is a light weight (<3.5kb) plugin for animating DOM elements with Javascript. Gruuvy.js includes many of the common easing or animation effects that are popular in jQuery, but does not require any frameworks or bulky dependencies.

Translink Bus Tracker

This mini webapp was built to explore the local Translink API for tracking bus traffic in the lower mainland. A live example can be found here.


Unbounce Landing Page Tear Downs

I enjoy guest blogging from time to time. These landing page tear downs are a favorite of mine because they’re super fun to write, and I believe they give a lot of value by giving a ton of ideas on how to optimize landing pages for conversions.