“Repulsion Marketing” is ART

Art is creative and polarizing. So is good marketing.

Good art and marketing campaigns will repulse some people and push them away from your brand. But this is a good thing.

Apple is a company that many people love and many people hate because they stand for something. If you don’t like what they stand for they don’t care. They’re not willing to change who they are just to please everybody.

Blackberry is a company that has been struggling lately. They used to polarize people by targeting a specific type of person. That type of person loved their products and were huge brand mavens for them. They have since lost their focus and are trying to be too many things to too many people.

Some say this is a company trying to innovate.

I say it’s an act of desperation that is misplaced.

Speak with authority and back up your opinion. People can tell if you are being “wishy washy.” People can tell if you’re bending your beliefs just to make a sale.

Instead, REPULSE the people who don’t match your brand, and those who do will come running… in hoards.

Repulsion marketing adds value – that’s why it’s polarizing… it alienates people who don’t connect with your message, but strengthens the connection with people who do.

Don’t be afraid of what people will think… add your own art.

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