By: MilitaryHealth

If you want to lose weight, you can’t do so quickly. It doesn’t matter if you train super hard for 24 hour straight, you will not see results (in fact, you might die). Results come from doing steady work, week after week, over time.

The same goes for playing guitar. Even if you practice for 24 hours straight you’ll simply end up with cut fingers, not the skill that is required to play. It’s far more valuable to play for 30 minutes every day for 48 days.

Most things that matter don’t have shortcuts.They take time and dedication. They take stamina.

It’s the companies that focus on steady work that are successful. Work that lasts. Work that is high quality. And work that takes time to create.

Create a culture of steady improvements and your company will always be greater than it was yesterday, last week, or last year.

Focus on the flash in the pan, the flashy idea or the shortcut and you will not create sustainable growth.


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