Keep it simple… stupid

By: Oliver Stross

It’s Valentines day. Are you KISSing your products? Are you KISSing your landing pages? Are you KISSing your staff?

I don’t mean literally of course. I mean are you keeping things simple, or are you trying to add complexity?

Anyone can create something that is complicated. It’s easy to just add more shit to solve a problem.

But solving a problem with simplicity is hard. That’s why it’s so rare.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put a lot of time an effort into something that is going to be very simple. People will look at it and say: “That’s it?”

People will tell you that you wasted your time creating something so simple. If it really took you 2 years to complete this project, why isn’t there more to it?

This pressure can cause us to add complexity just to make something seem more substantial. But it’s not necessary.

The Frisbee was difficult to create the first time. Once it was perfected it became simple. The only way to improve on the Frisbee now is to make it more complicated.

That’s what happens when you create something new.

But the flip side is this. If you spend your time and energy on simplicity it may take longer. But the results will be more scalable.

Your landing pages and sales funnels will perform better because they’re easier to understand. Plus they’ll be easier to test, update and maintain.

Your products will be understood by the marketplace which will boost your sales. Yes, you will have copy cats, but more than likely they will produce complicated copies that aren’t remarkable.

Your staff will also thank you because you’re setting them free. Free of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense. Free of the cringe worthy political landscape of the common office.

And they will perform better.

Take the extra time. Keep it simple…



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