Someone will always miss the point

No matter what you do, what content you write, what action you take, what position you take, what battle you fight…

… someone will always miss the point.

Just look at the comment section of any controversial piece of content – someone will undoubtedly be ranting about grammar, about semantics, about some entirely different topic altogether.

Or create a software product (like I did). Some of your users won’t understand, and won’t find the value that others do.

Yes, you can use this feedback to improve what you do.

Write more clearly…

Explain things in more depth…

Use a spell checker…

Build better products…

But no matter how polished your work, there will always be someone that doesn’t get it.

And that’s ok.

Because as long as you have a group that does get it, you have a group to focus on.

It’s precisely the group the gets it – the group that understands and gets excited about the work – that will spread the message. This group is why you do your work. This group is who will speak up and talk about what you’ve done. This group will convince others – maybe even some who just didn’t get it – that there is value to be had.

They are your evangelists. Work for them.

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