I’m sorry, that’s not our problem

In customer service, it’s easy to pass the buck.

“Sir, if we can’t repeat the issue, we can’t help you…”

“Sir, it looks like the issue is with your [insert other company here] provider. Please call them for help.”

Or even…

“See our online help forum for answers to common issues”

It’s far more rare however – and more valuable – to go the extra mile.

To solve problems that don’t fall into the realm of your support services.

Often, these problems are even easy to solve for a halfway competent customer service agent.

But the problem is that there’s no standard operating procedure, so it’s scary. Scary for the employee because it involves thought. But also scary for the middle manager because it’s difficult to measure… and it’s difficult to justify.

It’s far more easy to pass the buck. Abandon the customer. And wipe your hands of the situation altogether.

But what you’re leaving on the table is a connection.

Sure, the customer probably won’t BLAME you for passing the buck. But they won’t love you either. They won’t rave to their friends about your company. They won’t become a lifelong customer that breeds other, raving, lifelong customers.

It’s your choice.

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