Targeted Email Marketing Can’t Build a Targeted Landing Page [Critique]


This one’s a doozy. I love critiquing pages like this because there’s simply so many problems to solve and so many ways to clean up the user experience.

Let’s get started.

Who the hell has rated you?

So you’re an “A Rated Company”. Who cares?

You need to tell visitors why you’re A rated and who rated you that way. Is this just a BBB rating? If so that might be relevant in the footer, but I highly doubt it’s going to add to your lead generation efforts.

Try adding a logo of the third-party that rated you “A” and say why. Like “Rated ‘A’ for customer satisfaction by [insert company name]”

Who is this guy?

The primary photo on this page is some dude talking on his cell phone. First off, I don’t think that is a relevant stock photo to use… maybe a business person actually USING email?

Secondly, it’s a crap photo and it adds nothing to the page. You’re much better served using a screenshot or a photo of someone relevant to the product than just some lame stock photo.

That being said the one plus side is that the man in the photo is looking towards the headline… oh wait…

There is no headline!

That magic space where the dude in the photo is looking is a prime spot for a punchy headline that tells the user why they have arrived on this page… and why they should care.

But instead of utilizing this space, this company has instead included their logo.


Sure you want to include your logo on the page, but it doesn’t need to be the first thing that a visitor looks at when they land. The page would be much better served with a headline like this:

“Reach millions of Consumers & Small Businesses through email for a fraction of the cost of traditional ad buys”

or if you like something shorter, even this would work:

“Reach Millions of Customers for Less”

“Welcome to” hell

The poor attempt at a headline on this page is “Welcome to Targeted Email Marketing”.

Am I not welcome on other websites? Is the point of a website not to reach me?

Of course I’m welcome! This is a waste of space and it should be removed.

Options A, B and C

These calls to action don’t make any sense. The name “Option A” doesn’t link to the choice that I’m making.

Instead of Option A, B or C I should be choosing buttons that say:

Target customers by list

Target customers by industry

Target customers by location

Always stay relevant. From your headlines to your call to action, everything should be relevant to the end goal.

Why is the special so small?

This special is an afterthought. Probably some manager who had a last minute idea… “I know, let’s add a daily special on the landing page to boost conversions!”.

The trouble is that it’s barely visible and won’t add much to the conversion success of this page. On top of that, if they would simply clean up the copy of this page they would see a boost in conversions without having to give away free stuff.

The Bottom line

This page needs a lot of work and attention to get to it’s potential, but there’s no reason why it can’t see higher conversions.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


PS. the social icons at the bottom should also be removed… do they honestly believe that someone is going to share this landing page on their Facebook feed?

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