Taste, Correct, Taste, Correct

By: Sam Howzit

For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m fanatical about cooking.

I like the process.

Sometimes even more than eating the food.

There are a lot of parallels from cooking to how to create a successful marketing campaign online.

One of them is how to season.

Most food tastes bland if you don’t add salt. It’s basically what brings out the flavour in most foods.

Is there a formula or a set amount of salt that you need to add to food to make it taste good?


No more than there is a magic eBook that will teach you how to create a brilliant marketing campaign.

Instead, you season food by adding a bit of salt. Tasting the difference, and then adjust again.

You repeat this process until you have it perfect.

The same goes for building your marketing campaigns. You fire out a small test. An ad banner, a blog post or a giveaway. You measure the reaction. You adjust.

If you put all of your marketing resources in at once you’ll probably end up with a shitty campaign.

But if you add just a pinch of salt and then taste, you have time to adjust and perfect the mix.

Go forth and test like hell.

Talk soon,

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