I’ve had my hand in the affiliate marketing industry for a while now and I have mixed feelings. That is a story for another post, but one thing I’ve always noticed with new folks who come into “internet marketing” is that they love the idea of affiliate marketing.

I mean, it sounds like a perfect solution.

You sign up as an affiliate for product X. Send some traffic over, and when people buy the product you get paid.

No website, no customer service, no hassles.

The trouble is, there’s also no value.

The real value in affiliate marketing comes with testing.

And more testing.

And more testing.

And… well, you get the idea, there’s a shit load of testing.

But instead of testing, so many people head out to find a magic bullet. A secret solution to affiliate marketing riches that is easy and repeatable. They want to invest no thought or value into the project, and just extract value for themselves.

Trouble with something that is repeatable, is that it will stop working. The true value in any kind of marketing is bringing something to the table that has not yet been done before.

That’s why you have to stretch the boundaries of best practices. Become an un-professional.


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