Because that’s what people do…

By: Steven Depolo

I was asked recently if it was customary to respond to a twitter follow by following that person back.

My answer was no.

But the question has stayed with me. Mostly because it’s looking at the problem the wrong way.

Do you take action in your business because it’s customary? Because that’s what other companies are doing?

A whole generation of marketers propagate a tradition of bad marketing messages and spam-like tactics because that’s what they see others doing.

A better question to ask is: How can I add value to my audience?

Passing your decisions through this filter will produce much better results than looking at what others are doing, and it’s a sustainable and more importantly SCALABLE solution.

Does automatically following twitter followers add any value to them? Nope.

Is sending email marketing messages that don’t promote a connection and instead just include a bad sales pitch add value? Nope.

Does creating a landing page that tells everyone you’re “#1” without explaining the benefits of your product or service add value? Nope.

When you boil down the marketing tactics that work. The ones that are evergreen and produce real results. They are adding value to their audience… not just regurgitating custom.

Produce value for your audience and you will produce raging fans.

Do what’s customary and you will be forgotten


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