Thought of the day: Keep Your Wheels Moving

A few days ago I got into a situation while 4x4ing that was rather… ‘anal clenching’.

I was driving down a steep hill and the truck slipped out of low gear. For those of you who don’t know what that means, I was suddenly in an uncontrolled slide down a very steep hill with no way to slow down.

Brakes don’t work in this situation.

The only thing going through my head as the truck bounced and slid down this hill was: Keep The Wheels Moving.

Had I slammed on the brakes trying desperately to stop, the truck would have slid sideways and possibly rolled over. Instead, by keeping the wheels moving, even though I had no way to slow the truck down, I was still able to basically control the truck.

The same goes for your business.

If you run into a problem and hit the brakes in panic, often times you will lose even more control of the situation. You could end up sliding into a crash.

However if you keep your wheels moving, you can ride through the problems and at least keep moving in a controlled direction. It may seem more uncomfortable at the time, but panic and fear are no way to run a business.

Or drive down a mountain.

As always, #testlikehell.


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