How To Track Telephone Sales In Google Analytics

It’s all fun and games until you go offline.

As a digital marketer my job is made a lot easier by data. I’m able to delve deep into stats on user behavior that were a lot more difficult to get 20 years ago. This information gives me a lot of insight into the minds of the end user and allows me to change their experience to increase conversions.

But what happens when that user goes offline?

What happens when the user who has gone through half of my sales funnel suddenly decides to call our office and place an order over the phone? It would appear in my normal Google Analytics reports that this user abandoned the sales funnel.

But those reports would be wrong.

Instead, there is a way to get that user to still be tracked in Google Analytics even though they purchased over the phone. That way is through the customer receipt.

Linking a receipt to Google Analytics

After the customer has purchased something through one of my sales reps, we send them a receipt via email. Except instead of including the receipt right in the email, they first need to confirm their email address. The rep will mention this on the phone and it’s very simple:

The customer clicks on the link to confirm their email address and receive their receipt. The link goes to a confirmation page on our website that also has our Google Analytics e-commerce tracking code on it. Fill this information in from the link in the receipt.

For example:

And then the code on your page would pick up these variables and place them into your Google Analytics tracking code. The additional Google Analytics code would look something like this:

    '1234',           // transaction ID - required
    'Acme Clothing',  // affiliation or store name
    '11.99',          // total - required
    '1.29',           // tax
    '5',              // shipping
    'San Jose',       // city
    'California',     // state or province
    'USA'             // country

The sale is now reported as it should be in our data and the sales funnel conversion rate is more accurate.


The down side

Of course, the only issue with this process is that if the customer has clicked on the link on a different computer than their usual one it will not be tracked as the same customer. This is an unfortunate byproduct of offline sales and to a certain extent can’t be fixed. I find that about 90% of visitors will use the same computer where the original sales funnel cookies are located so I take this into account when doing my regular reporting.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any thoughts in the comments below.

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