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15 Responses to “Welcome Unbounce Readers!”

  1. Isabel Kofman

    Hey! Your newsletter is awesome. I work for Nespresso as a B2B Brand Coordinator and we run online campaigns that lead to our landing pages (mentioned above). Nespresso for Business is Nespresso coffee (you might be familiar) but the machines are specifically built for businesses, so our targets are HR people, finance execs and other decision makers in mid-size offices. Our ultimate goal is for those who click on our banner ads to put in a lead, after which our sales reps will contact them and take it from there. A big problem that we are having is that our conversion rates are very low right now — alot of people click on our ads and we get alot of exposure but the amount of people who actually put in a lead is very little. ID love your opinion on the page 🙂 p.s PLEASE don’t use us as an example in any public content because we’re a Nestlé company and I don’t want to get in trouble 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. Ajith

    Liked your article on unbouce…useful analysis.
    Can you help me with the link to sign up for your newsletter?

  3. nishanth

    I got 3 things from reading your article at unbounce.com. Clarity,Clarity and more Clarity. Its a superb article.

  4. Desirae

    Mannnnn this is awesome! I LOVE showing up on landing pages where I don’t necessarily expect to find content that relates directly to where I came from. Well played! Heading over to sign up for emails now, and just had to give you props for this awesome-possum page.

  5. Clive Waring

    Eric, I read copious amounts of newsletters and advice from self styled experts. I have found your newsletters from unbounce and your blog to be excellent, you obviously have a gift for analyzing a problem- but your gift is in providing brilliant solutions. As an editor I write every day. Easy in the days of a printed photography journal sitting on the bookshelves of the now defunct Borders.
    Now an online photography journal, we get the traffic but not the conversions. Your insight would be invaluable. We feature some of the worlds leading contemporary photographers; but our designers, coders and copy writing is failing. Help!

  6. Eric Arrington

    Glad I found you through your Unbounce article. If that’s any indication of the quality you write then I’m stoked about your newsletter. Thanks.


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