On Waiting To Get Picked

By: Xiaojun Deng

I have a friend who waits.

He waits to be picked at work. Waits to be picked on dates.

And he thinks that if he works hard enough and stays out of trouble long enough then someone will reward him.

He’s going to be waiting for a LONG time.

Leaders don’t wait to be picked. They choose to lead. That “supervisor” position you’re looking for won’t make a difference if you don’t take control on your own.

You’ll just be a figure head.

No one needs to give you permission to lead… Just do it.

You may think that it’s difficult, or that you might get into trouble.

And you’d be right.

You might get reprimanded. You might get fired.

But it’s worth it, and you’ll never look back. Because you’ll be choosing yourself.

And that’s worth a lot.

Don’t wait. Act.


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