Web Host Speed Test: Rackspace vs. Digital Ocean

By: William Warby

Website load times matter.

Not only will they effect how Google ranks your site, but they will also make a difference to your bounce rate and the user experience on your site.

Last year I changed a company’s website from Rackspace to Digital ocean and saw an immediate drop in bounce rate of 13%.

I decided to run a test on this website (which was also being hosted on Rackspace Cloud Sites) and here are the results:

On Rackspace Cloud Sites


On Digital Ocean


Wow. I expected a slight bump in speed based on some reviews I had read about Digital Ocean, but this was insane.

I even ran this test 10 times over to make sure that it wasn’t a statistical anomaly. I’m just sorry that I didn’t switch all of my sites over sooner.

The other thing that made me sick to my stomach was the fact that Rackspace was costing over $100 per month.

Digital ocean now  costs me $10/month for a 72.4% drop in page load time.

Bottom Line

Your web host makes a big difference. If you’re trying to run a business using a slow host like godaddy (or Rackspace apparently) then you’re probably shooting yourself in the foot – and killing your conversions & sales.

Wake up. Test your site. Speed it up.



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