Weighing opportunity cost

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the concept of opportunity cost.

Most new business owners will try to do as many things themselves as they can, just to save some cash.

But what they don’t spend on other people, they waste on themselves.

What could you accomplish with an extra 2 hours per day?

Could you double your sales this quarter?

Could you build a road map for a better product next year?

Could you build a better company?

This concept also applies to your staff.

If you improve the tidiness of your office, how much time will each employee save per month.. per year?

If you rearrange your office by the audible volume of each group, how much less annoying would it be for the quiet groups (ex. accounting)?

If you add more water coolers, how many more ideas can your people come up with?

How much would it cost you to implement these changes? Is it less than the opportunity cost of losing production/stress/ideas?

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